Chinese Fortune Cookie

Crack open a fortune cookie and receive an insightful quote!

Chinese Fortune Cookie

A Chinese fortune cookie is typically served as a dessert in many Chinese restaurants. Cracking open a fortune cookie reveals a strip of paper containing a fortune quote. With this app, you can “crack open” a fortune cookie after any meal at any place—but short of taking a bite at it!

A fortune quote can be a vague prophecy or a thought-provoking saying. Reflect upon the quote and use the hidden message to guide you through the day or days to come. It’s up to you how you want to think of these fortune quotes!


  • Hundreds of authentic Chinese restaurant fortune cookie quotes.
  • Includes lucky numbers.
  • Easily share your fortune cookie quotes with your friends and family.
  • Bonus: Learn a Chinese word/phrase; hear pronunciation on devices with Mandarin text-to-speech voice installed.

Note: This app is for entertainment use only.