SpeechPlayer Free Edition

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Free Read screen text out aloud

SpeechPlayer Free Edition

Use SpeechPlayer text-to-speech application to listen to your emails, web pages, reports or any text on your PC.  Great for relaxing your eyes, proofreading, etc.!

Why you’ll love SpeechPlayer Free Edition

  • Versatile clipboard text reader
  • Configurable voice settings
  • Large TV-like closed captioning
  • Minimalist user interface
  • Convenient mini player
  • Easy installation
  • No expiry, no spyware, and it’s free!

Versatile clipboard text reader

Copy and speak SpeechPlayer automatically reads text out aloud the moment text is copied to the clipboard.  There is no need to paste the text in another window.

This means that you can have SpeechPlayer read your emails, web pages, reports or any text that you can Control+C on!

What if you don’t want SpeechPlayer to read text out aloud at every copy operation?  No problem!  Just turn off clipboard monitoring and turn it on only when you need SpeechPlayer to be at your service.

Configurable voice settings

Voice settings You can choose a voice; adjust the speaking rate, voice pitch, and volume.

You can even switch between settings while SpeechPlayer is reading a piece of text!

Large TV-like closed captioning

Closed captioning Display words spoken as captions at the bottom of your screen much like TV captions.  Captions come in handy when words spoken are inaudible.

The captions are large enough so that you don’t have to squint your eyes reading them.  Great for those visually-impaired or visually-challenged!

Closed Captioning

Minimalist user interface

Tray icon You can control the main functions of SpeechPlayer right from the Windows tray!  Just right click to access the features.  This makes SpeechPlayer one of the most unobtrusive text-to-speech application around while keeping important functions accessible.

Convenient mini player

Mini playerSpeechPlayer also comes with an easy-to-use mini player control which allows you to have convenient one-click access or one-key access to main SpeechPlayer functions like play (speak), pause, stop, clipboard monitoring, and closed captioning.

Easy installation

Quick and easy installation allows you to get SpeechPlayer up and running in minutes!

No expiry, no spyware, and it’s free!

SpeechPlayer comes with the essential text-to-speech features for free!


It’s free! For Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP SP2 or better.

For even more exciting features, check out the full-featured version of SpeechPlayer.