PortalGroove App Studio


Counting will never be a daunting task again!

Hand Counter is an easy-to-use tally counter app. Use this app to count event attendees, customers, laps, wildlife, inventory, scores, votes, bacterial colonies, chants, or just about anything!

  • Keeps track of multiple tallies in a set
  • Create and manage multiple counter sets
  • Sets and counters are color-coded for easy identification
  • Customizable counter step value
  • Convenient recall function to undo counter reset
  • Tactile vibration feedback with selectable electronic or mechanical sound effect for count operations; WP8 version includes audible speech readout option
  • Totalizer function
  • Pin sets and individual counters to Start screen for quick access
  • Live tiles display current tally for pinned counters
  • Share tallies from a set or individual tally via SMS, email, or social networks

Trial version has no time limit. Paid version is ad-free and does not limit on the number of counters in a set.